Weather Forecast Lima Peru

Tuesday, 17

Max: 21°C

Min: 21°C

Wednesday, 18

P Cloudy

Max: 26°C

Min: 21°C

Thursday, 19

M Cloudy

Max: 25°C

Min: 21°C

Climate for Lima

Average Weather in Lima for November

30 Days
Avg High temperature 26 °C / 78.8 °F
Avg Coldest temperature 17 °C / 62.6 °F
Cloud Cover 10%
Avg Humidity 71%
Avg Wind speed 19 km/h

November is the month of summer in the city of Lima. During the days of this month, climate becomes quite hot and humid. The humidity level reaches around 82 to 85 percent. Whereas, average temperature becomes around 25 degree centigrade! As the place is situated at the tropical region, despite of the high temperature, weather stays quite mild and easy to be with. Cozy summer of October and November is really a great time to visit the place and explore different parts of this place.

This is the time when flowers begin to blossom, and different migrating birds come to the place from different parts of the globe. Overall, the month of November makes the place a special region to be in and spend a few days of complete leisure. This is one of the best times for visiting Lima. Thus, a lot of tourists come to this city during the month of November.

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